Toronto Fire Fighters Toy Drive

Union Notice #18-122: Toy Drive Update Notice 18–122: Date: November 21, 2018: Subject:

Toy Drive Update To: All Members

The purpose of this notice is twofold:

First I want to thank PD&T DVC Bill Baker and DC Doug Burgin for the use of TRP4 during the 2018 season of the Toronto Firefighters' Toy Drive.

This will allow me to collect large donations of toys from our corporate sponsors and have a Firefighter presence without utilizing in service crews. As accommodating as the in service crews have been it has always been very difficult for me to try and coordinate the collection of toys at a set time and place while respecting coverage from our media partner - Global Toronto.

With TRP4 I can now utilize off duty Operation Firefighters to join me in the Toy Drive Mercedes Sprinter van as I travel throughout the City collecting toys and attending media events to promote our Toy Drive. If you are interested in being a part of the TRP4 Toy Drive crew please send me an email at Second I want to remind everyone about the Shops At Don Mills Toronto Firefighters' Toy Drive kickoff with Global Toronto - December 6, start time 1700 hours.

This is a very popular event for our off duty Firefighters and it is the largest single Toy Drive event of the season. It is well attended by the public and I need many of you to join us for the evening collecting toys donated from the public. If you are in Operations please wear clean bunker gear - with boots but no helmet. Support Divisions you are of course welcome wearing your fatigues. Please dress warm as it will most likely be cold. Toy Drive toques will be provided for our off duty volunteers but please email your intention to attend at - that way a toque will be reserved for you!

Also I want to thank all in advance that will be assisting us with this season's Toy Drive - too date we have already donated thousands of toys and anticipate another very busy season providing toys to Children in need.


Rick Berenz

President Toronto Fire Fighters' Toy Drive