Toronto Fire Fighters Toy Drive

Process of toy sorting, carry over of toys and warehouse organization:

We always require a carry over of toys from one year to the next - in November we are filling toy requests from organizations utilizing last years collection. If we did not have this resource the Toronto Fire Fighters Toy Drive would not be in a position to fill early arriving screened orders since we do not begin receiving toys from the public or our corporate donors until the end of November into December.

We strive to keep our warehouse clean and organized - Labelled, taped boxes that are arranged based on age/gender are stacked on skids in proper order in a neat environment. These toys are valuable to us and we treat your donation with respect.

When we start bringing the large amount of collected toys into the warehouse from our corporate donors and the fire stations during the month of December into January it is very busy but that is when we have volunteers on site and the toys are sorted and then quickly turned around with the orders we have on hand. The toys collected after Christmas are sorted and properly stored for the next season. At the end of each day the warehouse is cleaned, garbage is removed and the warehouse is ready for the next day efforts.