Toronto Fire Fighters Toy Drive


Rick Berenz: Captain

Rick has been involved helping Children in need at Christmas for over 20 years. His toy drive involvement started prior to amalgamation with the former Scarborough Fire Department.
Once the Fire Services were amalgamated in 1998 Rick was part of the effort to bring together the toy drives of the six former Fire Department toy drives and create the Toronto Fire Fighters Toy Drive.
Rick's main mandate is to promote and market the Toy Drive to numerous corporate sponsors through the partnership with Global Toronto - the official media partner of the Toronto Fire Fighters Toy Drive. Corporate donations are in integral part of the Drive. This involves collecting large toy donations from corporations with Fire Fighters to assist. Global promotes the Drive with news stories of these donations in the hope others will participate.
The Toronto Fire Fighters Toy Drive has experienced rapid growth and development over the past years and is thus able to meet the high demand of requests for toys from agencies representing Children in need. Corporate sponsors and the donating public in general always refer to our profession and the credibility/work ethic we deliver to the Toy Drive every year as the main reason they continue to support us. It is what we know how to do.

Tamara Sylvan

Tamara Sylvan joined The Toronto Fire Fighters Toy Drive in December of 2005 and is now on the board of directors. She works in the warehouse, out on the road picking up donations, and is also involved in the distribution of the donations received. Tamara has been an active firefighter with the Toronto Fire Services since 2001.